Alarming link to aluminium in underarm deodorants

The possible link between underarm cosmetic products (UCPs) and disorders has been contentious for many years, with studies showing conflicting results.

However, new research  and published in the journal EBioMedicine * has revealed a definitive link. The study found that using aluminium-containing UCPs, including antiperspirant deodorants, increases risk, especially if usage occurs more than once a day starting at a younger age (under 30).

The full study can be accessed here –

Although aluminium-free UCPs are available, these are not always sufficient for people who may excessively perspire, and, at present, there is no ingredient that is as effective at stopping perspiration as an aluminium salt. While the new study cautions against “excessive” use of UCPs (applying more than once daily), it may not be possible for some to give these products up altogether. In these instances, it becomes more important than ever to look at ways of removing aluminium from the body so it does not accumulate in breast tissue.

One wise precaution is to drink a silica-rich mineral water every day, as the silica form that comes naturally in certain waters (silicic acid) is able to cross the gut wall, bind with aluminium particles in the body, and safely flush them out. So far, no other product (including other silica-containing supplements) are known to have this effect.

We make available a water, ACILIS by Spritzer, with a very high silica content at 55.2mg/L. ACILIS water is used in research trials by scientists at Keele University, and is clinically proven to reduce aluminium levels in the body. So if you are unable to give up aluminium-containing antiperspirant deodorants, or if you used them excessively in the past, making a silica water like ACILIS a part of your daily routine may be a wise step to take.

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