Do I really need to ‘detox’?

Question: Do I really need to ‘detox’? Don’t our liver and kidneys take care of all that?

Answer from Thanks for this interesting question on whether we need to take active steps to detox. It’s true our liver and kidneys do a great job of protecting us where they can. But these organs evolved in a very different environment to the one we live in today. The development of civilisation and ongoing technological progress means human beings ingest substances today that we would never have encountered thousands of years ago. This includes metals like aluminium.

It is only in modern times that aluminium has been liberated from the earth’s crust to be used extensively in industry, and that it has become a significant part of the biotic (life) cycle. Our detoxifying organs were not designed to deal with the amount of aluminium we now ingest, and, although some is removed through detoxifying pathways like sweating, to achieve optimal detoxification from aluminium, we must take active steps.

So far, the only clinically proven way of actively removing aluminium from the body is drinking a silica-rich mineral water every day. The form that silica comes in within water is unique, as. unlike other silica-containing products, it is able to cross the gut wall, bind with aluminium in the blood, and safely remove it.

The water we recommend, ACILIS by Spritzer from Malaysia, is officially approved by UK scientists who use this water in their clinical research. So in order to optimise your detoxification pathways, why not try a case of Acilis today? It is competitively priced at just 55p a bottle,

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