‘Get Well’ author recommends Acilis by Spritzer silicawater for good brain health

‘Get Well’ author recommends Acilis by Spritzer silicawater for good brain health

‘Get Well’ author recommends Acilis by Spritzer silicawater for good brain health

A ‘Get Well’ author and internet influencer’s new book is indicating that “Simply swapping one’s daily quota of water for a bottle of silica enriched Acilis water could help keep your brain in tip top condition as you age.

“For new research in The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease published in January 2020 has identified a link between high levels of toxic aluminium in the brain and the development of Alzheimer’s Disease,” declared Sara Davenport, the UK based author of Reboot Your Brain – her latest in a series of books giving tips on maintaining good health (Reboothealth.co.uk)

She says Dr Christopher Exley, the lead research scientist involved in the study issued a powerful statement: “The new research confirms…there would not be any Alzheimer;s Disease if there were no aluminium in brain tissue. No aluminium, no Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Sara writes: Where does aluminium in the body come from? Miniscule particles are taken in from pots and saucepans, from soft drink cans and from tin foil used in cooking and preparing ready-made foods. There is aluminium in antacids and many sunscreen lotions. Dentists use it for implants in your teeth. Vaccinations contain aluminium, injected directly into your blood, travelling on to both heart and brain. You can breathe it in from cigarette smoke, and in the air from car pollution. It is all around us.

How to check your toxic metal levels? Biolab.com offer toxic metal urine tests which cover aluminium, mercury, copper, lead, nickel and tin. Simple to do, you send it off to their lab and a week or so later the results are emailed over to your GP or nutritionist, who will then talk you through the results.

Test yourself over three months and let the results speak for themselves. “I am never one to take anyone’s word for something without testing it myself. I ordered four months of Acilis water supplies -drinking over a litre a day – nearly 130 1.5 litre bottles – and sat down to drink my way religiously through them. Revealing – remarkably – that Acilis water did just what it promised on the label. My aluminium level halved in the time, and my mercury reduced by 90%.  Remarkable.

“Where did I get it? Acilis by Spritzer is distributed for home delivery online from the UK by SilicaWaters.com and costs 60p for a 400ml bottle, £1.45 for a 1.5L bottle or a 1L bottle of lightly sparkling version. Use the code Reboot when you order for an initial 10% discount.”

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