Is silica-rich water good for skin?

Question: I’ve read that silica is good for skin and can even help with acne. Is this true and is it better to put silica directly on the skin or to ingest it?


Answer from Thanks for your interesting question about silica’s role in skin health and treating acne (“spots”). It is true that silica can be very helpful for improving skin health, but only when ingested in natural silica-rich water like ACILIS by Spritzer Putting silica directly on your skin will not help your complexion and could make it worse, as silica is a desiccant, meaning it can pull moisture out of your skin if applied topically. However, when ingested, silica can help keep skin acne free.


Silica helps reduce acne first by enhancing collagen production, which ensures healthy external skin cell layers, and secondly, by helping to remove the toxins we may ingest from our diets. These can enter the bloodstream, and cause inflammation, which often leads to acne.


Drinking Acilis silica-rich mineral water on a daily basis is an easy, safe and effective way to top up your body’s levels of silica, helping you to achieve soft, supple, acne-free skin.


We recommend ACILIS water that is particularly rich in silica, and that comes in convenient, slim 400ml bottles that easily fit in your pocket or handbag. The bottles we use are BPA-free.

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