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Mothers speak up for Prof Exley’s research

Mothers speak up for Prof Exley’s research

I am saddened to hear about funding being withdrawn from Professor Exley’s research. As a parent of a child with autism, I need to know that independent research from those without agendas or funding from conflicting sources are carrying out this type of research. 

As a qualified childcare practitioner, I have observed all my children’s developmental milestones and have enough training to know what to look for. I noticed immediately after my second child’s MMR she developed a fever after which she lost all speech, emotion and became under sensitive to pain and noise. Then came the hand flapping and tow walking and all ASD typical behaviour. This is also noted is her NHS diagnosis (statement). I was told by my Paediactrican that my child was classically autistic and I should expect no changes in her condition. 

I researched for what I could do to help my child and spent a small fortune in private therapies. I commissioned a private hair mineral analysis to be conducted on my child which was sent to a laboratory in the USA. We discovered high amounts of heavy metals including aluminium that were above range. Since then, for just under 2 years, we have been using homeopathy to remedy the deficiencies and overloads in her system. One of the protocols of this has been to use silica. Using natural silica water had been recommended by many SEN families and was the first thing we tried but it became part of her programme from her therapist. 

The result of our work is evident in all private and NHS reports, school progress reports and what her friends and family around her have noticed. My child is completely different.

  • She went from under-sensitivity to noise and pain to oversensitive – to now being typical for her age
  • she makes excellent eye contact (used to make no eye contact at all)
  • She has gone from being completely non verbal and silent to babbling and now speaks about 20 words plus ‘scripted speech’
  • She shows a range of emotion and awareness of other peoples emotions
  • She did not laugh for a year. My daughter now laughs. 
  • She very rarely tip toes
  • She very rarely stacks or lines items up whereas previously it was all she did
  • Her sensory needs have greatly reduced
  • She has been potty trained

For parents likes myself who are very well connected to the SEN world, we know Silica helps those with autism and we know why. If there is nothing to hide and in the interest in science, Professor Exley should be encouraged and funded to complete his work for the betterment of society.

Selina Sheikh  (London autism support group)

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