Acilis silicawater – mother’s testimonial

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Acilis silicawater – mother’s testimonial

 I wanted to contact you to make you aware of how using Acilis consistently has affected my ADHD son aged 12/13.

 I have become more aware of the affects of aluminium toxicity, and today I attended a homeopathy workshop where specific foods were mentioned with aluminium in them. The person explained that when a person has aluminium toxicity, they can crave aluminium content foods it’s their body craving it.

 Potatoes and rice were mentioned and my son, who also has autistic traits, has had a limited diet which he refused to expand: very basic and potato and rice and pasta based from early years. This made complete sense and I had a ‘lightbulb moment’. He recently has not been craving potatoes and rice as frequently since consuming Acilis regularly, which we have been using for several months again.

It’s good he’s now being more flexible with his diet. I am presently not using any other therapies as it was important for me to use one product or therapy at a time to monitor any changes. 

Kind regards, Hazel from Essex.

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