Silica-rich water more effective than silica supplements?


Question: I know silica is good for you, but I already take it as a supplement. Can drinking silica-rich water still benefit me?


Answer from Thanks for this question on the benefits of silica waters versus silica supplements, people ask us about this a lot. There’s nothing wrong with taking a silica supplement, but supplements cannot cross the gut wall as the silica form naturally found in silica-rich water can.


The form of silica that is present in water, such as ACILIS by Spritzer water that we recommend, has the unique ability to follow water molecules through the gut wall and into the bloodstream. Silica supplements cannot do this. Once silica has reached the bloodstream, it is able to bind with aluminium and naturally flush it out. Silica supplements may bind with aluminium in the gut, but they are not able to enter the bloodstream and remove aluminium there, as silica-rich water can.


Aluminium expert Professor Christopher Exley only uses ACILIS silica-rich water in his research regarding removing aluminium from the human body, and has emphasised that, if silica supplements were as effective, he would be using those. They are not. If you want an optimal aluminium detox, silica supplements will not provide this – only silica-rich waters, such as ACILIS by Spritzer, will.

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