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Silicawater and supple joints – research studies

Silicawater and supple joints – research studies

The power of Silicawater like Acilis by Spritzer bottled water to help supple joints is revealed in research by scientists in the Netherlands and America.

They showed that Orthosilicic Acid (OSA) naturally infused in Acilis Silicawater boosted body collagen to tackle the root cause of discomfort in joints.

View the American research:

Meanwhile the Dutch study assessed how taking Silicawater effected patients with knee osteoarthritis. The primary outcome was the change in pain after 12 weeks. In men in particular a significant improvement in stiffness and physical function, as well as a lower cartilage degradation was observed.

The conclusion reached was that after 12 weeks of drinking Silicawater, it was found to be effective in reducing symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.

Further info: Biomedical Research Institute

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