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Silica Water - High Siilca Content Bottled Water

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Silica Water - High Siilca Content Bottled Water

The Sunday People Newspaper Report

The Sunday People is running a story about offering free samples of silicawater to autism support groups.

The story centred on a message on Twitter which a mother from London who rightly campaigns against phoney autism cures, wrongly interpreted as a claim that silicawater was a cure for autism.

However Rex Garratt, the co-founder of has made it clear that this was a misunderstanding on her part.

Retired journalist Rex Garratt, who together with his wife Wendy, import the bottled water naturally enriched with soluble silicic acid from Malaysia, agreed that they offer free samples to autism support groups.

He said: “Wendy and I were inspired by U.K. research which showed silicawater uniquely removes neurotoxic aluminium from the body. Although many parents give our silicawater to their autistic children, there is no known cause for autism,”

Wendy responded to a Tweet on a public discussion forum called Autistic Inclusive Meets, by posting a note about offering free samples to support groups.

Mother of 2 autistic children from London, Emma Dalymayne, who runs the discussion forum that campaigns against phoney autism cures, responded by asking: “Have you had any children cured of all symptoms of autism.?” As a result, Wendy replied to Emma on Twitter: “Many parents, coming from other support groups, find improvements and write to us about this. Yes.”

Emma told the newspaper she took this as a claim the water was a cure and she was outraged.

“But this could never be taken to suggest a cure,” Rex insisted. “The word ‘Yes’ would be taken out of context if suggested that reply was, ‘Yes this cures symptoms of autism.’ We would never say that because we have close relationships with many parents and they would be happy to share with you that under no circumstances would we ever suggest the water can cure autism. And it would be wrong to infer we are making a profit out of families with our silicawater, as we have never yet made a profit since we started three years ago.

“I’m over 70 and I drink silicawater daily because of the research studies about it. Although Wendy and I both have a passion about it, our only reward is the many messages of appreciation we receive from parents who give the water to their autistic children.” Rex added.

Wendy told the newspaper: “We are super careful and don’t make any unsubstantiated claims. We say many people have told us it helps them.” Asked if she personally thought the water could cure autism, Wendy said: “I’ve got an open mind and so has Rex.”

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