Wow what a huge difference Acilis silica water has made for my autistic children.

Testimonial from the mother of 2 autistic children: “Wow what a huge difference Acilis has made for my autistic children. My 16 years old has suffered with severe constipation most of his life, this water has made his life so much more bearable as it has helped him relieve himself without the use of medication.
My 6-year-old has also showed positive signs in learning. It is just amazing that something so simple as water can do such wonders. I really want to continue this wonderful water for my children as it has helped them so much.”
From Salma Usman, London autism support group

10% from sales of ACILIS by Spritzer in the UK is donated towards further scientific research by Professor Christopher Exley, head of the Aluminium & Silicon Research Group at Keele University

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