Twin ACILIS 48x400ml monthly

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SME Award 2022

Twin ACILIS 48x400ml monthly

Why everyone should drink silicon-rich mineral water

UK tap water contains very low levels of dissolved silicon or silicic acid (more often referred to as silica), which is unfortunate for the nation’s health. I think everyone...

Twin ACILIS 48x400ml monthly

Is falling fertility explained by exposure to toxic aluminium?

Could recent research highlighting a drop in fertility by 60% and lowering of sperm count in men actually be explained by human exposure to aluminium -  a toxic metal...

Twin ACILIS 48x400ml monthly

Silica-rich water more effective than silica supplements?

Question: I know silica is good for you, but I already take it as a supplement. Can drinking silica-rich water still benefit me?

Twin ACILIS 48x400ml monthly

Do I really need to ‘detox’?

Question: Do I really need to 'detox'? Don't our liver and kidneys take care of all that?

Twin ACILIS 48x400ml monthly

Is silica-rich water good for skin?

Question: I've read that silica is good for skin and can even help with acne. Is this true and is it better to put silica directly on the skin...

Twin ACILIS 48x400ml monthly

Acilis by Spritzer silica-rich water helps remove aluminium metal from the body

Question: I've been enjoying your water and its great taste, thanks! But is it true that silica-rich water can also improve health - apparently it can remove heavy metals from the...

Twin ACILIS 48x400ml monthly

Silica-rich water for shiny hair

Question: I'm looking for some natural products to combat signs of ageing and hair loss / thinning hair, but I don't want to use toxic creams or pills. Is...

This is a wonderful product. The potential for Acilis water is quite phenomenal. As a bioresonance therapist, I find that the vast majority of people with chronic disease do have extremely high levels of aluminium, cadmium, and mercury, amongst other particularly nasty heavy metals, many of which are actually in the pharmaceutical drugs they are taking. We certainly have reached a paradigm shift in health and wellbeing, and Silica Waters are destined to play a huge part in this. I will continue to recommend this product to our clients.”

– Michael Daly, bioresonance therapist / natural health and wellbeing coach


Acilis water by Spritzer is a wonderful product and I am pleased to see that the word is spreading. I included this product into my news article because I feel that if a product has such wonderful properties as this one, the word should be spread as far and wide as possible. I drink Acilis whenever possible, and the taste is fantastic. It is refreshing and very different from any other bottled water that I have tasted.”

– Christina England, author and journalist
Great taste, and very exciting product to launch into the market.”

– Camilla Uttley, retail consultant


“The water was really delicious and smooth. It tasted much better than other bottled waters and, of course, tap water, too. I would definitely be recommending it and using it myself, especially in a world where you really don’t know what is in your water. As a nutritionist, water quality concerns me. Fluoride and other toxins present in tap water cause nutrients to be depleted and harm the body.”

– Tegan Philp, marketing partnerships manager, College of Naturopathic Medicine


“Crisp, clean, refreshing, very enjoyable to drink every day; the health benefits are an added bonus!”

– Julian Leese, Cheshire


“The package of Acilis was sealed and delivered yesterday evening. Wish you could see the excitement in me. Guess what? The delivery man happened to be from my motherland, Uganda, and has an autistic child. I had to open the box on the spot to share the water with him too. He took a picture to order immediately. Acilis is the gift that keeps on giving. I am waiting for the leaflets; I will always have an information desk at our meetings.”

– Sadia Nakimera, Let’s Communicate Support Group, London


“What is there not to like about Acilis? A great taste and an even better feeling of wellbeing knowing that it is helping to protect your body against the ravages of aluminium.”

– Professor Chris Exley, head of Keele University Aluminium and Silicon Research Group, and a world authority on the connection between aluminium and silicon

ACILIS by Spritzer

(Average analysis mg/L):

  • Silica 55.2
  • Potassium 3.1
  • Calcium 36
  • Magnesium 3.7
  • Bicarbonate 93
  • Sulphate 22.1
  • Chloride 0.78
  • Total dissolved solids 198
  • pH 7.10
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